Local-Twitter.com is here to bring you simple Twitter Management

Target local twitter users and turn them into customers.

With our unique programs we can target local twitter users from as close as 5 miles to your location to a 1000 mile radius. If you were to try to do this yourself it would be impossible.

Built for Business with a budget.

Are you a small business? Do you have a tight budget? This service is only $49 a month and can open your doors to many customers you never had before.

Target competitors with Twitter.

Local-Twitter has the ability to target local competitors via Twitter. For example if you have a competitor located down the road and they have a large twitter following, we can target all their followers insuring that you are receiving followers that are interested in your products and possibly get them in your store and not your competitors.

Still Skeptical? All you have to do is sign up for our Free Trial and cancel anytime if you don't like the results.

About Us

Local-Twitter.com was started by a small business that has the same problem you do. Twitter has access to millions of customers it is just hard to convert those customers. We have created these programs for our own twitter accounts and now we want to share it with you.
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